Transform how you pick & pack orders. A step-change for your operation. Ship to your customers faster.

Before D2X: Inventory is disorganised, picking & packing is time consuming, customers ask where their order is.
After D2X: Inventory is fully tracked, picking & packing is fast and efficient, customers love how quickly you ship their orders.


Powerfully Intuitive.

Accurate Inventory

Location, barcode driven inventory. Powerful planning & forecasting tools out-of-the-box. All available for you to see in real-time from any web-connected device.

Streamlined Picking

You'll enjoy a boost in work rate powered by D2X's dynamically optimised picking strategy - accurately pick many orders simultaneously in the most efficient order possible.

Seamless Shipping

With 100+ carriers available, shipping is easy - labels are automatically printed as you pack each order. D2X integrates with your online store to send your customer a tracking URL.

Simply pay per order

Pricing is simple - you pay per order shipped. The more you ship, the cheaper it gets. D2X pays for itself by saving you money:

  • Higher productivity means fewer people needed
  • No more miss-picks means less replacements & shipping cost
  • Better inventory planning means less overstock

You also benefit from an improved customer delivery experience:

  • Faster despatches means less customer enquiries
  • Happier customers means more repeat purchases

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Everything under control.

Struggling to adapt to growing order volumes? D2X gives you the tools you need to run an efficient operation, using one platform; helping to you keep on top of your distribution as you scale.

  • Location based inventory management
  • Powerful inventory planning & forecasting tools
  • Pick & pack by scanning barcodes
  • Automatic batch packing where possible
  • Batch packing for subscription boxes
  • Kitting capability for bundles or personalised products
  • Dynamically optimised picking strategy
  • Integrated with 100+ carriers to automatically print labels

All of your orders

Import all of your orders and ship them in one platform.

Intuitive To Use

Easy to learn with minimal training requirements.

Grows with you

Horizontally scalable processes work at every level.

Ready to go

No tricky configuration - D2X gets up and running fast.


Import all of your orders


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